When would you need to wear a Snow Skirt?

When would you need to wear a snow skirt?

Snow skirt

Stay warmer in snow skirt


When getting in and out of a cold car

Walking your dog

Waiting for the bus in -20 wind chill

While running errands

Walking to work on a windy morning

Walking for exercise


Whenever you want to be warmer!

Check out my patterns at Culler Creations for making your own snow skirt.  You’ll need parka lining or thinsulate, some ripstop fabric, a 2-way zipper and some fun trim (optional, of course). Add some reflective tape for added safety when walking at night.  Sign up for a free resource list to the right.

Stay warm,

P.S. I wear mine most every day in the winter.  In Alaska that is a lot!

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