So what is parka lining?

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Women's Winter Parka

Women’s Winter Parka

If you have signed up for the free supply list, you may be wondering what is “parka lining” anyway?  Well,  “parka lining” is for lining your Parka.  Makes sense, right!  You’ve seen parkas at most of your outdoor gear stores, like Lands’ End – usually they have a hood (sometimes detachable). The parkas are often down-filled or use a synthetic down product. Parkas are the heavy coats worn in cold climates.  They come in many colors and can be short, knee length or even longer.

Parka lining

Parka lining

Parka lining comes in several weights – 6 oz, 8 oz and 11.5 oz.  It is usually made with 2 layers of ripstop nylon (most often blue and black) with a layer of insulation in between.  Then the fabrics are quilted together, in rectangular or diamond patterns to hold it all together.  At Seams Like Home, we carry all three weights of parka lining.  I usually recommend the 6 oz. or 8 oz. for Snow Skirts.  The parka lining serves to trap your own body heat to keep you warmer when you are out in the cold.  The 6 oz. works very well for short walks outside, for going and coming from cold cars and for daily wear.  If you are standing outside for a long time, at a bus or train stop, or watching an outdoor hockey game, you might want the 8 oz. lining.  The 11.5 oz. is very warm and almost sleeping bag thickness.  It is often used to make parkas in the northern villages of Alaska.

Ladies Alaskan Parka

Alaskan Parka

In many of the villages of Alaska, parkas are made with a beautiful velvet outer layer and the parka lining is used on the inside for added warmth.  The outer shell sometimes has beautiful trim or amazing beadwork or even intricate embroidery – done by hand or machine.  There are patterns available to make your own winter parka, for men or for women.  Not only are these parkas very warm, they are also beautiful creations, made with love and cherished for years.  If you are given a gift of a parka, it comes with a significant investment of time and money.


So, what other questions do you have about parka lining?

Is it hard to pin and cut?  No, I pin the layers together around my pattern piece and pin the pattern piece to the top layer only.  That way it stays flat.  And I use my good, sharp fabric shears. Remember ~ on one else uses them for anything (not paper or cardboard or wire or… under penalty of death)!!

Is it difficult to sew with?  Not really ~ take your time and use a walking foot on your sewing machine if possible.

I hope you have signed up for my free resource list for Snow Skirt supplies ~ if not, please do so right away!  There is a place to sign up below. You’ll get an amazing list of all the supplies you will need to make a Snow Skirt and where you can find them on line if your local fabric store does not carry the necessary items.  You also get some emails with tips for sewing Snow Skirts and doing awesome embroidery on your creation.  Snow Skirts are all about being warm, but they are also about being creative and having fun getting outside in the winter months!

What are you waiting for?  It’s time to get warmer.  It’s time to make a Snow Skirt.  I’m happy to try to help in any way I can.

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 Stay warm, Debby

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