Would you, could you with a KIT?

So, you have read my What is a Snow Skirt page.

You know you are tired of being cold and would love to be warmer this winter.

You have given some thought to making a Snow Skirt this winter.

Maybe you have even purchased a pattern from Culler Creations.

You’ve searched your local sewing or quilting shops and can not find parka lining or rip stop nylon fabrics.  I understand.  Those fabrics are not available everywhere.  If you have signed up for my Free Resource List then know that you can order your supplies online.  That takes time and can be frustrating if you can not find what you want on one website.  I understand that too.  I have an idea that might help you out!

If I could send you everything you need to make a Snow Skirt ~ pattern, parka lining, rip stop nylon, zipper, thread ~ would that help?

Would you say “Yes, I can do this”? 

“Yes, I would make a Snow Skirt if I could get all my supplies in one box!”

Girl's Snow Skirt Kit

What if you could choose a color of rip stop nylon, order your kit, and in a few days you would get a box with everything you need to make the skirt?  Would that make it easier?

I’d like to try offering the kits for the Girl’s Snow Skirt first.  Making a Snow Skirt for a little girl is easy, takes less fabric and is great way to learn skills that you will need to make an adult Snow Skirt.  Yes, you can do it!  And you’d make a special little girl so very happy this winter.

What would be your color choices?  Red. . . Bright green. . . Pink. . . Turquoise. . . Royal blue. . . Burgandy?

Would you like some cute trim to come with the kit?  The matching thread? The elastic for the waistband?

Maybe you already have the pattern, and just need the supplies?

I’d like to know what you think.  Really!

If you would be interested in kits for adult size Snow Skirts, let me know that too.  I want to help you in any way I can.  Winter is coming, ready or not!  We might as well be ready!

Leave me a comment below and let me know if you would like to be able to purchase a kit to create your own unique and warm Snow Skirt!

Remember the Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham?  Some of us memorized the lines because we read the story so many time!  Would you, could you in a house?  Would you, could you with a mouse? Would you, could you in the rain?  Would you, could you on a train?  I love that book!

What would it take for you to try making a Snow Skirt this winter?  Would you, could you with a pattern?  Would you, could you with a kit?  Would you, could you with more step by step videos?  Would you, could you with an online course to follow on your own, at home?

I’d love to hear from you.  Leave me a comment below.  Or send me an email at cullercreations@gmail.com.

Stay warm,



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