Why should I make my own snow Skirt?

You’ve probably seen Snow Skirts for sale in outdoor clothing stores near you.  Or even in your favorite catalog.  I’ve heard that our local Costco has a table full of snow skirts at an amazing price.  So you might be asking yourself …. “if I can buy one, why would I make one?”  Great question!

I recently had a weekend Snow Skirt class here in Anchorage.  This is my favorite way to teach the class – come Friday and get the materials all cut out and make the cute and functional zippered double side pocket.  Then come back on Saturday, with a lunch in hand, ready to sew!  By 5 pm everyone was out the door wearing a new, warm, custom made Snow Skirt.  Considering that it was 5 degrees outside, they were super excited to wear them home!  One of my students was actually headed directly to dinner and the symphony!  It was a really fun day of sewing and getting to know some new sewing friends.  They were all pretty proud of their new Snow Skirts.

three new snow skirts

During the day we talked about why they had decided to make a snow skirt instead of buying one.   I’ll share some their thoughts with you ~ many of which I have heard expressed while teaching this class.

  • Pre-made snow skirts are expensive
  • I couldn’t find one in the stores that fit me well
  • There are multiple ways to make my skirt uniquely mine – ripstop color, trim color, zipper color
  • Using the parka lining feels so much warmer than many of the ready made skirts
  • My skirt was made in the U.S.A!
  • I can now make several more for friends or Christmas gifts

And the number one reason ~ when someone asks where I got my snow skirt, I can say….

“I Made it Myself!”

There is no better feeling than being able to say that you made something yourself that someone thinks you bought in a store!  Agreed?

I will be honest and tell you that making your own Snow Skirt will not be cheap.  But who wants to put the time and effort and money into something that will not last.  You want this to last for several winters and keep you warmer day after day.  Getting the supplies together will be an investment.  However, once you have made one skirt, you will be able to make more ~ in many sizes too.   The patterns have multiple sizes and I always recommend tracing the size you need, instead of cutting out your size and compromising the original pattern.  After you have traced multiple sizes, you will have your own pattern library to use again and again.

You might want to make another for yourself, in another color.  Or another size (after you comfortably walk every day this winter!)

I have been working hard to learn how to offer kits to make the Snow Skirt on my website.  All new things always have a learning curve and this is no different!  I realized, from comments, that some of you have had trouble getting the needed supplies to make one.  So the kit I am planning to offer will have everything you need to make your own awesome, warm Snow Skirt.

I have been taking a poll on Facebook of the most desired colors.  Looks like black, purple, turquoise and burgandy may be the winners. Here’s a picture of those four colors with a matching 26″ 2-way zipper that is sewn in at the side seam.  It’s hard to come up with turquoise zippers, but I think either of the grey colors or a navy would look great.

four ripstop colors and zippers

I have been working out the details for offering kits.  I would offer the color choices and one price point that would allow for XS, S, M or L and a second price point for XL, 2XL.  I plan to include the parka lining, ripstop, 2-way zipper, matching thread, elastic cord and shank button, and a piece of Pattern Ease for tracing your size.  I will be including the pattern as well in the kit, but am wondering if some of you who have already purchased a pattern would want an option w/o pattern?

At this time I will be offering the fabrics and supplies for the Snow Skirt style at the 26-27″ length.  If there is interest, I will consider offering kits for the It’s A Wrap style, or Girl’s Snow Skirt options.  Maybe I can come up with a mother-daughter matching Snow Skirt package option.  What do you think?

So, I’m looking for some feedback ~ from you.  I should soon have all the technical details worked out to post the kits for ordering.  Any thoughts or questions or suggestions?

I’m thinking to offer trims as an additional purchase, as there are so many possibilities and you might want to purchase your own trim later.  I always tell my classes, you can finish the skirt and wear it for awhile and add trim later.  It really is the very last step in the construction.  (Unless you want some fun trim on the pocket!!)

  • If you’ve been wanting to be warmer this winter ….
  • If you’ve bought a pattern, but have not been able to find the needed fabrics and supplies ….
  • If you’ve been thinking for awhile about buying a pattern, but haven’t yet ….
  • If you really would love to make a Snow Skirt for someone who’s always cold …. OR
  • If you want to make someone else happy with a Snow Skirt kit for a Christmas gift ….

Leave me a comment below with any questions or suggestions you might have


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I appreciate your interest and feedback.  Just a few years ago I never would have imagined that I would be creating and selling patterns, and teaching Snow Skirt classes.  I have enjoyed getting to know so many of you, in Anchorage, in Alaska and many other chilly spots around the world.  Thank you!

Stay warm,




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8 Responses to “Why should I make my own snow Skirt?”

  1. Kristin November 21, 2015 at 10:09 am Permalink

    I would be very interested in a wrap skirt – either a one-weekend class or a kit in plus size (but I might be scared to try to make it on my own). I live 3.5+ hours away from Anchorage, so a one-weekend class would be the only way I could partake. And I have a co-worker who might be interested in one as well!

    • Debby November 21, 2015 at 7:39 pm Permalink

      Where do you live Kristin?

  2. Kristin Tice November 21, 2015 at 12:27 pm Permalink

    Hi. Yes, I am one of those ladies who purchased your pattern but didn’t have a source for all the materials. Guess I wasn’t the only person with this dilemma. Thanks for all your hard work/fun.

    • Debby November 21, 2015 at 7:40 pm Permalink

      Hi Kristin – I guess there are a few of you who have the pattern but not the materials. Maybe I should offer the kit with or without the pattern?

      • Erin Pipal November 21, 2015 at 8:13 pm Permalink

        Please offer a kit without pattern… I already have one 🙂

        • Debby November 21, 2015 at 8:19 pm Permalink

          Hi Erin – I was just working on that as your comment came in! I think there are others in the same boat!

  3. Suzanne Anderson November 24, 2015 at 6:17 am Permalink

    I would like to buy a kit for a black snow skirt, size 14 (L or XL?) and trim….I like the mid-shin length that ladies are wearing. Thank you!

    • Debby November 24, 2015 at 12:41 pm Permalink

      HI Suzanne – the pattern includes all sizes XS – 2XL. I think the 27″ length skirt that uses the 26″ 2-way zipper is the most popular too! I;m getting close to having the kits ready to order!