Hawaii – Have you been there?

I had never been to Hawaii and wondered if I really wanted to spend two weeks there.  What was I thinking??  Having lived in Alaska for over 16 years now, we don’t spend much time at a beach.  I’ll admit that my only thoughts about spending time at the ocean were connected to less than ideal vacations to places like Ocean City, Maryland or a week of summer camp at Dewey Beach, Delaware.  My memories included crowded beaches, cold (really cold) water, and hot and humid days with very little breeze.  Hawaii – is not the same as Ocean City, Maryland!  Why did I think otherwise?!?!

We recently spent two very relaxing weeks in Maui with our son and his family.  I’m sure there are crowded beaches in Hawaii – but we stayed with ones that were more child-friendly since our grandchildren are ages 2 & almost 4.  The water was almost bath temperature most of the time.  There was almost always a comfortable breeze blowing.  We did have a few very windy days, that kept us off the beach as blowing sand in no fun!  And some brief rain showers – but that seemed just fine too.

My favorite memory is spending a few minutes each evening watching the sunset.  We weren’t the only ones, as people gathered along the edge of the water to do the same thing.  The setting of the sun doesn’t take very long – you can miss it if you aren’t watching. But the “watching” is so amazing.  The colors are so intense and the changes in the sky are breathtaking.  There is a sense of awe as everyone is focused on the daily setting of the sun.  Usually someone blew on a conch shell as the sun disappeared beneath the horizon.  And then it is gone.

Sunset in Hawaii

Well, life goes on, and I am back to life in Alaska … back to work … back to household tasks … back to trying to take care of myself.  In fact I actually scheduled an MRI the morning we arrived home.  I had been putting it off for months and decided to get some answers after vacation.  Not the most pleasant experience after delightful days in Hawaii, but I am so relieved that I only need some physical therapy and daily stretching exercises, not surgery.  Why do we often put off getting information so long and assuming the worst in the meantime?

Many of you responded to a survey that I offered in late January.  I was so excited to read all the responses and suggestions for helping you create Snow Skirts and be warmer in the winter.  Shortly after that, I spent some time in Virginia with my mom and sister.  My mom is definitely struggling with memory issues and day to day routines.  She lives with my sister and her family.  I spent the time helping my mom go through boxes and boxes of stuff from her house.  Lots of memories – I learned a lot about my mom and my dad too.  If you have been following me for awhile, you might remember that my dad passed away last year.  Actually April 8, from his battle with Alzheimer’s disease.  This path my mom is on is all too familiar ~ and sad.

Many of you responded that you would love to make a Snow Skirt but are unsure of your sewing skills.  You wonder if you can create something that will fit and that you will want to wear?  You wonder if you can get the supplies you will need?  You wonder if you have the skills needed to sew a Snow Skirt?

I want to create a Snow Skirt Sewing Skills Workshop

~ to make sure you can get the right supplies

~ to build your sewing confidence

~ to get you ready to make your own awesome, warm Snow Skirt before next winter. 

And then make one for your daughter who wants to stay warm after her yoga class

~ or your mom who is cold all the time

~ or your granddaughter who loves to wear fun dresses, even in the winter

~ or for your friend who is wanting to keep up with her walking all winter so she can lose weight and be healthier. 

Does that sound like you?  Would you be interested in a Snow Skirt Sewing Skills WorkshopSign up so you will know when the Workshop is ready to go!  I’ll email you as soon as possible.  I know winter seems a long way off, but now is a good time to work on those skills!

What skills do you think you need some help in improving?  Leave me a comment below.  Or email me if you have a question

Let’s build your sewing confidence and get ready to sew your very own Snow Skirt!

Stay warm,


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