Snow Skirt Kit ~ Christmas in July

What’s the temperature where you live today?  I’m sure for most of you its hot and humid.  And the thought of winter gear and snow and cold temperatures is the farthest thing from your mind!  In fact you might say its crazy to even think about cold winter days on a beautiful summer day.  Today is a gorgeous summer day in Anchorage – temperature is 70 degrees (which feels really hot to us!) and the sky is blue and there is a great breeze.  So why think about anything else?  We just barely celebrated the Fourth of July for goodness sake!

In case you ever wondered, this is what fireworks look like at midnight in Alaska!  Not quite the same against a blue sky is it?!


However, as we all know, the seasons will change and the temperatures will drop and the wind will blow and snow will fall.  And when it does ~ it might be good to be ready and stay warm.  As my granddaughter Ellie says, “that’s a great idea, Grandma!”

So for any of you who anticipate colder temperatures ahead:

  • who dread recess duty with your kindergarten students
  • who wait for the bus or subway or train in wind chills below zero
  • who want to be a supportive mom but absolutely hate watching outdoor hockey games
  • who have developed a daily walking routine, but know it will stop once its too cold for shorts and sandals

Anyone saying yes, that’s me!

Wearing a Snow Skirt as added warmth against the cold and wind and rain is your answer!  And wearing one that you made yourself is amazing!  “Where’d you get that skirt?” people will ask.  “I made it myself”, you will respond, “And it’s awesome!”

You can enter my Christmas in July Giveaway to win a Snow Skirt Kit – everything included except your sewing machine, needles & pins and scissors.  The kit includes the pattern (sizes XS – 2XL), the parka lining, the ripstop fabric (in your choice of four colors), pattern ease to trace your size (so you can still make more in other sizes), matching thread, 2-way zipper for walking comfort, coordinating zipper for secure side pocket, a package of Wonder Tape (which will change your life ~ or at least installing zippers), twill tape, an elastic loop and shank button.  You could add a couple yards of a matching trim to dress up your Snow Skirt and make it look so fun.  Take a look at the Snow Skirt Kits on my site and you will see the colors available.

Can you really make one yourself?  Yes, you can!  I have taught countless women to make their own Snow Skirts and I have no doubt you can too.  I am planning to add some tutorials soon ~ for some of the tricky or more challenging steps.  Stay tuned!

For now ~ enter the contest on my Facebook page or follow this link to the contest form and leave me a comment below.  Will you make a Snow Skirt for yourself or a friend?  Or your daughter or your mom?

Stay warm,




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