Snow Skirts Supplies – You Might Already Have Some!

Notions for Making Your Own Snow Skirt


Have you been thinking about making a snow skirt?
Have your wondered about what supplies you might need to make a skirt?
You can sign up for the free resource list to the right of this blog post, or at the bottom, and that will give you ideas of where you can get the fabric supplies you will need.  But there are other notions that will be helpful.  Some of these notions you might even have at home:
Sewing notions

Notions for making a snow skirt

Recently in my Snow Skirt classes I have been providing pony tail elastic ties instead of the elastic cord.  They are easy to find in the hair supply aisle of the grocery store and easy to fold in half to make a stretchy loop at the top of your zipper.  The loop will then go around a shank button that you attach after the skirt is completed.

My other favorite tool is the 14 Measuring Gauge tool by Dritz.  I find this is very helpful when turning a seam 5/8″ to the wrong side or when Dritz Quilting 14-in-1 Measuring Gaugeironing under 1/4″ on the edge of a piece of fabric.

Another simple change I have made is using 1/2 ” twill tape instead of the bias tape in reinforcing the waistline seam.  You can purchase twill tape in packages, on some times by the yard.  You only need the length of your waist for the Snow Skirt and about 9 inches more than your waist measurement for the It’s A Wrap style.

So… do you already have some of these items?  Then you are on your way to being warmer this winter!  What other questions do you have?  Leave me a comment below – I promise to answer any and all questions!

Stay warm,


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