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Why should I make my own snow Skirt?

three new snow skirts

You’ve probably seen Snow Skirts for sale in outdoor clothing stores near you.  Or even in your favorite catalog.  I’ve heard that our local Costco has a table full of snow skirts at an amazing price.  So you might be asking yourself …. “if I can buy one, why would I make one?”  Great question! […]

Would you, could you with a KIT?


So, you have read my What is a Snow Skirt page. You know you are tired of being cold and would love to be warmer this winter. You have given some thought to making a Snow Skirt this winter. Maybe you have even purchased a pattern from Culler Creations. You’ve searched your local sewing or […]

Alaska is not the only cold place on the planet!

Map of the world

Here in Alaska we are ready to put away our parka and our mittens and our hats … and our snow skirts!  Those of us who have worn a snow skirt this winter have stayed warmer!  But we are eager to put them away for awhile and get ready to be outdoors, plant a garden, […]

Featured on The Renegade Seamstress


One of my favorite sewing blogs is The Renegade Seamstress  …..  Refashions Beyond my Wildest Seams!  Beth loves to recreate or repurpose used clothing items into amazing new fashions or accessories.  Take a look at her creations! Beth offered to do a blog post about my snow skirt patterns and I accepted.  Who wouldn’t?  She […]