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Would you, could you with a KIT?


So, you have read my What is a Snow Skirt page. You know you are tired of being cold and would love to be warmer this winter. You have given some thought to making a Snow Skirt this winter. Maybe you have even purchased a pattern from Culler Creations. You’ve searched your local sewing or […]

So what is parka lining?


Hi friends, If you have signed up for the free supply list, you may be wondering what is “parka lining” anyway?  Well,  “parka lining” is for lining your Parka.  Makes sense, right!  You’ve seen parkas at most of your outdoor gear stores, like Lands’ End – usually they have a hood (sometimes detachable). The parkas […]

Happy and Warmer New Year!

Pattern for girl

Wishing each and every one of you a very Happy and Warmer New Year!   Have you thought about making your own snow skirt for this new year?  Wondering where you will get the supplies?  If you don’t have a store near you that sells parka insulated lining or nylon ripstop, you can sign up […]

When did I first make a snow skirt?

Children in the snow

I am often asked when I made my first snow skirt.  A few winters ago, I was working as a teacher’s aide in a kindergarten classroom.  As I was in charge of the children during recess, I was spending a lot of time standing outside in the cold (sometimes at -15 degrees).  I did own […]